Sitting Out the Fire

sitting out the fire

I am sitting in the local evacuation center waiting out a fire that is currently two blocks from my home.

At times like this I can’t help thinking about what is really important to me.

I found myself just walking out of the house with my wallet, asthma inhaler and the cat. I never even thought about jewelry or photos or my PC. I am writing this on my elderly iPad and I have my smartphone for keeping in touch so my family won’t worry. I thought of bringing food for the other people but since I drove for eight years for the Red Cross, including Katrina, I knew that enough would be provided for everyone. I DID bring all my chargers which was a good thing since they were mostly forgotten by others.

What would you take with you?

Who would you call for help or to let them know that you were safe?
Who would you wish that you had made amends to in case you didn’t survive?

Is there a project you always had wanted to start?

Have you stopped singing or dancing?

Are you filled with resentment? Resentment is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die.

Events like this can tell you a lot about what is important to you and they can also be an indication of how strong your program is. The most important thing at times like these is to retain your most valuable asset which is your sobriety.

That is all from me for now because I plan on doing what really works for me and that is to find somebody who is in greater distress than I am and just talk to them for awhile.

Be safe and well out there –you never know what will come next!

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